Arcturus Morningstar
Do you want to use the latest Development build? (Not recommended for Production) Click for Instructions
What is Arcturus Morningstar?Arcturus Morningstar is the community project for the Arcturus Emulator by TheGeneral.The community project was made because the Arcturus Emulator has been abandoned by TheGeneral with lack of updates, an intent to monetize the project, and make the project private.
TheGeneral's own words were "dont like it then dont use it". We did not like what he was doing, so we made our own version.
Who are the contributors?Arcturus Morningstar is being developed by the Krews Community, which means that anyone is able to contribute to Morningstar whether this be with ideas, codes or issues.The leading contributors are John (NextGenHabbo), Alejandro and Beny. If you wish to become a contributor join the discord to get started.
How can I contribute to Morningstar?You can contribute through the Krews git repository for Morningstar.
How can I download Arcturus Morningstar?You can download the latest production or development version of Arcturus Morningstar below.Please note: This is the source code for the emulator. If you want the emulator to run it, please click here to download a release.
Do you have a Discord?Yes, there is a Krews discord server with a channel dedicated to Morningstar!
I want more than just standard Habbo features, do you have official plugins?Yes we have many plugins on our Arcturus Extended git, with more being added all the time from many developers!